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If your are looking for a local GP or Terrey Hills Dr it is important to ask your potential new GP what they specialise in. All Doctor’s Specialise in different areas and it is recommended to try and find a GP that specialises in your needs.

Family Medicine

Not all GP’s specialise in child health care/paedeatrics, working with children in any area is a highly specialised area. If you have a young family we it is common sense that probably you would want a doctor or general practitioner that specialises in treating children. Although you probably do not need to a paedeatric every visit it would be preferable to take your family to a GP with extra training in this are.¬†

Choose a GP you like

A big part of finding the right GP is finding someone you actualy like, sounds simple yes? The importance of finding a GP you actually get along with is big. Honesty is a major factor of successful medical treatment. Also if you are seeing the same doctor for a big majority of your life you would hardly want to see a practitioner you dont like. Belrose health¬†community is amazing there are some really great GP’s allied health practitioners in the community it can also be a great tool asking other practitioners in the health industry who they think is a good operator.

How oftern should i see a Doctor

It really does depend on each individual an there situation soem people due to illness or a certain condition will need to see a gp regularly. While others with good health will need there yerly check up only. If you feel you need more regular check up’s it is important to discuse this with your GP.

Cant find the right Doctor?

If your struggling to find the right GP we can make recommendations and give several numbers of GP’s on the northern beaches. Terrey Hills – Dee Why – Monavale – St Ives and surrounding suburbs. Also it can be a good tip to look the potential GP up on google and read about them.

How many GP should i try

This is totally up to you. The first GP might be completely wrong or completely right, bulk billing only GP someyimes are rushed for time and a commoan complaint can be they shoved me out the door as fast as they could. GP’s are businessmen as well and they have to make a living. If you feel you are being rushed it maybe be better to find a GP who charges extra but can spend more tome with you. Our recommendations in Terrey Hills Monavale and many other areas are all GP’s who will spend the extra few minutes. None of these GP’s bulk bill.

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